We are affiliates of The Worldwide Rottweiler Project – Training and Knowledge centre.

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PER Source Number : RB105014


We breed from pure German working bloodlines. Our dogs are suitable for sincere Rottweiler enthusiasts and make great family members under our guidance.

We specialise in breeding the traditional German Rottweiler and offer full assistance in raising and training well balanced Rottweilers. We are acutely involved in importing Rottweilers and breeding them for sound temperament and correct type.

We are one of the very few kennels known for breeding true Rottweiler character and type. Our dogs come highly recommended by authorities of the breed and working dog specialists. Our dogs are incredibly stable, highly trainable and intelligent family guardians. Through a very select breeding program, our dogs have gained an esteemed reputation amongst senior IPO trainers, law enforcement agencies and breed specialists for their working character, trainability and stability.

Shogunate prides itself on a respected and honest breeding program. We remain true to the original aims of those founding breeders of the ADRK , renowned for producing the breed’s greats. We keep 100% German working bloodlines. A loyal advocate and supporter of origin and breeding systems that are concerned with the total goals of the Rottweiler.

We’re interested in homes that join us in promoting the breed as an intelligent, loyal and loving family guardian, friend and working dog.