Goran vom Fuhrenblick

(Roll vom Hause Anin x Kristall von der Pulvermuhle)

Full German Pedigree

Date of birth: 12.05.2016

Height: 66cm Weight: 57kg


Goran is a powerful Rottweiler with excellent drive endurance, courage and hardness. Goran’s bloodlines are particluarly special because he is the product of the renowned Ety vom Herrenholz and Max vom Turnleberg. Listed below are some of Goran’s achievements.

2021_10_16 IFR WM Ungarn: Goran 3rd place IGP World Championships with A 93 B 93 and C93 total 279
— and 2nd place in the IFR Worldchampionships team competition!!!
2021_06_27 Friedrichshafen: Goran did a new IGP 3 with the great result of A 96 B 96 C 100 under ADRK Judge H. Imhof

2020_07_19 Wiesental Sieger Show – GORAN rates V4 under ADRK Judge Guido Räppold

2019_12_06 Goran passed IGP 3 with the great score of A 95 B 95 C96 Total 286 excellent Judge M.Wesch

2019_2019_07_28 Wiesental Sieger Show – Goran wins V1 Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH, Res.CAC Judge E. Egolf
2019_07_27 Goran passed IGP 2 with super score of A 85 B 96 C100a!!!
2019_06_23 Reichstadt Show Rottweil – Goran wins V1 Anw.Dt.VDH-CH — Judge ADRK E. Hellmann
2019_05_01 Markgräfler Land Show – Goran wins V1 Anw.Dt.VDH-CH — Judge Erika Egolf
2019_03_03 Goran passed IGP 1 excellent A 95 B 91 C100 Total 286 V (excellent) Judge ADRK H.Wömpner

– Goran passed his ZTP with top results under ADRK Judge Werner Walter @25.11.2018 in Friedrichshafen

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