About us & The Rottweiler

NB!!: All of our claims can be verified. We prove our dogs are everything we say they are! Shogunate is one of the very few kennels breeding stable and powerful working Rottweiler temperament. Our dogs are highly recommended for IPO or civil work. Our dogs are incredibly stable, highly trainable and intelligent family guardians. 

Shogunate is a meticulous and selective breeding program with a wealth of knowledge in training and breeding the Rottweiler.

Goals for our bloodline:

The primary goal of our breeding program is to produce powerful working dogs and stable family guardians.

Our dogs must possess:

  • High courage

  • Strong nerves

  • Balanced drives

  • Correct breed type/strong working type.

  • Health, strength and vigour

  • Sound working temperament: stable, calm, aloof towards strangers, devoted towards their family and affectionate towards children.

We strive for uniformed litters that are consistent reproducers of type and temperament.

Our dogs must be versatile for a variety of uses, including service dogs, law enforcement dogs, IPO sport, herding dogs and devoted family guardians.

We strive to continue to improve and refine our breeding goals, always keeping in mind today’s breeding influence on future generations.

13962518_1235635746455609_9152666215886169457_nOur approach to the particular details of breeding and continuing to refine our breeding goals is a passion derived from the expectations we value in our breed and the various disciplines we enjoy with our dogs. We also take great care in the health and training of our dogs. We are pleased to be able to offer correct guidance to our puppy buyers with respect to all matters of raising a superior puppy using right methods of handling, training and general care.

We are confident that the advice we provide along with the puppy from our breeding program will develop and nurture your puppy into an exceptional adult.