About us & our Bloodline

Shogunate Kennels is based in Melbourne, Australia.

We have owned Rottweilers since 1995. Shogunate Kennels was established in 2008 and has since been intricately involved in importing Rottweilers and breeding them for sound working temperament and correct type.

Shogunate strives to breed true Rottweiler temperament and type.  Whilst our dogs are highly recommended for IPO or civil work, they are true to breed type and as such are  stable, calm, devoted, highly trainable and intelligent family guardians.  In just a few litters our dogs have already gained an esteemed reputation amongst senior IPO trainers, security dog trainers and other Rottweiler breeders for their working character, high trainability and stability.

Shogunate prides itself on a respected breeding program. A loyal advocate and supporter of origin and breeding systems that are concerned with the total goals of the Rottweiler. 

We are ethical breeders and compliant with all regulations and health checks.

Goals for our bloodline:

The primary goal of our breeding program is to produce the old style intelligent Rottweiler with powerful breed type.

Our dogs must possess:

  • High courage/ High level of self confidence
  • Strong nerves
  • Balanced drives
  • Correct breed type/strong working type.
  • Health, strength and vigour
  • Sound working temperament: Intelligent, stable, calm, aloof towards strangers, devoted towards their family and affectionate towards children.

We strive for uniformed litters that are consistent reproducers of type and temperament.

13962518_1235635746455609_9152666215886169457_nWe take great care in the health and training of our dogs. We are pleased to be able to offer correct guidance to our puppy buyers with respect to all matters of raising a superior puppy using right methods of handling, training and general care.

Our philosophy

Our understanding of the Rottweiler is very different from many of the breeders today. This is especially reflected in the gene pool we choose to progress our bloodline through, and the knowledge we have of the old dogs as drover dogs.

Some key points of difference include:

1. We believe the current gene pool is inferior to the old bloodlines. And the drover dog is a superior dog to a schutzhund dog.

The current gene pool is made up of sport dogs and a focus on sporting drives. Or show dogs, with a focus on similar drives and temperament which facilitate the needs for show and domestic pet owners.

2. We do not breed for an income, for competition, or for any other self-serving pursuit. This means our focus can only be towards a dedicated commitment to breeding the true Rottweiler without compromise.

3. We are in a position to have the direct benefit of breeding to some very rare and important old dogs preserved through frozen semen and our bloodline, and the commitment to develop it.

4. Our unique, well planned and thoroughly thought out approach to a breeding program. One which sees through generations down the track. This means every breeding truly counts for us!

5. Our view on the Temperament of the Rottweiler:

We are adamant that if you want to select the Rottweiler, you should have a critical understanding of it’s history coming from the drover dog, and all the traits required for that. We are absolutely convinced that these were superior dogs for this sole reason.

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