(Apoll vom Kreigsdamm IPO1 x Shogunate Dolfa)

Full German Pedigree

Date of birth: 21.12.2018

Height / Weight:

HD: 7 ED: 1 JLPP:

Mouth & eye: Black pigment and 1b eye colour.

Stud service  for the discerning breeding program. 

Fidel is a powerful son out of the combination between our home bred female (Shogunate Dolfa) and an IPO1 German bred dog (Apoll vom Kreigsdamm). This is a rare pedigree which produces stable dogs that are capable for civil work as well as stable family guardians and excellent sport dogs. Fidel comes from an impressive pedigree for work, temperament and powerful bone and substance.

Fidel’s paternal line consists of Rottweilers which were highly influential in the ADRK gene pool in the 90s. This bloodline was especially known for producing massive head type, strong bone, powerful substance, dark eye and mouth pigment and excellent working dogs. Notable dogs such as Askija v Shambala, full litter sister to Ambassador, is the mother to several of the highest level scoring Rottweilers ever. This bloodline is the total Rottweiler, Boss v Kreigsdamm is another example of the success of this bloodline.

Fidel’s maternal line consists of legendary working Rottweilers and possibly the greatest working bloodline in ADRK history. In particular, Maik vom oberhausener Norden who is the son of Aki von der Peeler Hutte and Beine vom oberhausner Norden.

Aki is the single most influential producer of working dogs in the history of the breed.

In addition, Beine is a daughter of Anton vom Heine. Anton produced dogs like Castor vom Hause Swiatecki and Beine’s brother, Bodo. These Rottweilers were very impressive in their IPO and Korung performances.

Both Apoll and Dolfa are true examples of these bloodlines. Fidel is a calm, steady, devoted and loyal dog, with excellent drives and a stable character.

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