The Oberhausener Norden descent

The Oberhausener Norden dogs were renowned and known for their strength and reliability.

our breeding program is strongly founded on these dogs, with continued effort to breed closely on them through frozen semen and the dogs we already have from this line.
Maik vom Oberhausener Norden

Maik is the grandfather to our foundation female – shogunate dolfa. Maik is the son of Beine vom oberhausener norden bred to aki von der peeler hutte.
Castor vom hause swiatecki

Castor is a typical son of Anton vom Heine. Anton was a powerful producer and is strongly present in our breeding program through Maik vom oberhasuener norden (son of Beine), and Bodo vom oberhausener norden (full brother to Beine).
Biene vom Oberhausener Norden – appears 3rd generation in Shogunate Dolfa’s pedigree.
Bodo vom Oberhausener Norden – appears 3rd generation in Von Zennith Maya’s pedigree.

Top: Dolfa (great grand daughter of Biene) ; Bottom; Her father, Omar (son of Maik vom obehausener norden).
Shogunate Edge (great grandson of Maik vom oberhausener norden)
Von Zennith Maya (great grand daughter of Bodo vom Oberhausener Norden).
Shogunate Fidel – great grandson of Maik vom oberhausener norden.
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