Shogunate Rottweiler Club

Membership is free. 

Shogunate Rottweiler Club is a Rottweiler kennel club in Melbourne which provides new puppy owners as well as experienced owners a place to train and learn more about our dogs. Our club is a friendly and cohesive environment where we aim to provide further opportunities to teach, learn and reinforce our unpardonable rule that Rottweilers must be well behaved and respected in our community.
SRC offers the following benefits to our members:
  • Club Training every Sunday from 11.30am.
  • Free online Training videos valued at over $500 (Exclusive to members and our puppy buyers).
  • Nutritional Plans & RAW feeding guides.
  • Access to our Rottweiler video and article Library.


We encourage new puppy owners and anyone interested in the Rottweiler to take full advantage of our club benefits. A great dog and the experience you share with him depends mostly on the knowledge you gain and the effort you put in.